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1) Personal Service: My name is Nathan; I had a fun time making the video and I wanted to put a face on the person you will be meeting at your pool.  I prefer to do the work myself because every pool is different and there’s no substitute for experience. I’ve always said it takes 2 years to gain the confidence to find a pool leak efficiently.  After 24 years of finding leaks in pools I’m going to make it look easy. I finally have my flagship business in beautiful Naples where I’m sure everyone will benefit from my expertise.
2) Leak detection and repairs is all I do.  A few pool companies advertise leak detection as a sales tool. But the process can quickly prove to be more than some kids can handle. You can’t just run around in a pool truck and claim to find leaks –even though a few of people try.   They boast a low flat rate to get you to bite the bait, but then switch to resurface your entire pool. With my state of the art equipment, I can find leaks were others simply cannot.
3) My equipment is state of the art.  I also taught leak detection in Orlando, which means I’ve used every high tech instrument in the industry. Some of these are very expensive and have to be used everyday to justify the price. I have the best equipment that the others don’t have.
4) If I don’t find your leak, you don’t pay for the service: We are the only ones to offer such a guarantee in writing because we have the confidence to consistently solve the problem every time. This is a trap for the inexperienced where a few easy jobs work out fine, but then their luck runs out and they have to confront the impossible. You will never hear from them again.
5) I am the best bang for your buck.  Some companies charge you less up front but are quick to charge you extra for the cost of repairs.  I haven’t raised my prices in 20 years because I’ve only gotten better and faster at what I do: That’s why I can respond to service calls quickly. Also, it’s so rare nowadays to see the owner working the job himself but it’s such a specialized field it takes years to learn to do it the right way.

I always try to answer my phone even on weekends and afterhours so give me a call and tell me what has been done so far,  we can try to put our heads together and come up with a real solution to your problem.

Nathan Weston


Accurate Leak Detection

Call or Email with your questions.



Regular pool- concrete, fiberglass, vinyl liner..................$200.00

Pool/spa combination..................................................$250.00

Designer pool: pool/spa/vanshing edge........................$350.00+

Commercial pool with shelf drains................................$450.00+

Minor epoxy repairs such as patches in lights or bottom drains are included. 30 day warrantee for secondary leaks. Estimates for bigger pipe repairs which require digging through a concrete deck can cost $800 for a residential pool and $1200 for a commercial pool. Skimmer cracks that can be repaired with a fiberglass and resin coating cost $250. Learn more about skimmer repairs at our sister website



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The leak in your pool is not in your imagination, it is a real waste of resources and it needs to be repaired. The savings will pay for itself and start to add up once the problem is solved.

*When you phone us, we like to use the computer and get a satellite view of your pool. Many of these pools we have already been to before, and some neighborhoods we know well. When we ask for your street address right away, its just to look up the pool.

*Within 1 hour of the appointment, shut the pump off so the water is calm before we arrive. Some folks shut it down the night before. If you have a pool/spa try to take note if the water level stays full in the spa before the pump turns on in the morning.

*We normally dive every pool and look for every leak possible. Visibility is key and a clean pool is important, please tell us over the phone if the pool is green, we may still be able to help even if we can’t dive it.

*Its hard to answer the phone underwater, but you can still text and send pictures. 239-961-9299 Include your name and address in the message.

*We love animals, but some dogs get overexcited with new people or want to run down the road as soon as the gate is opened. Please keep the dogs indoors.

*We usually call when in route to your house 15 minutes before we arrive: most jobs are scheduled for a 2 hour window. Major repairs are scheduled for another day.











































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Naples, Fl 34109-2644


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3270 Bermuda Isle Cir Ste 625, Naples, Fl 34109

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